Chronic Neck Pain

Neuropathy relieved in arms and hands After a session focused on thoracic, upper back and shoulder areas, I slept through the night without any nerve pain in my arms and hands for the first time in weeks. I'd been waking early each morning and sometimes during the night with aching arms and numbness in my hands that was keeping me from sleep. This morning I awoke in my own time, without any nerve pain at all. Thanks!
Debra N. Rogers
Great Progress! After 25 years (my last Rolfing session with TB) & after years of wonderful chiropratic care, I realized that Rolfing was now essential to ease the discomforts that have come over the years. I was thrilled to find Carole. In two sessions, Carole has all but elliminated the pain in my shoulder, neck, arms and made progress with my wrists. I realized today how profound this transformation is, releasing the pain and stiffness. Thank you!

Hip Pain

Suzie S
Excellent my first Rolfing My first session was amazing. I had constant pain in both my hips for the past year and Carole's expertise fixed the problem. Now I'm pain free. Thank you, thank you!!!
Carla S
Fantastic Experience I've been struggling with chronic low back and hip pain for over 2 years now, and my first appointment with Carole brought me so much relief! I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her. She's thorough and informative, and put me completely at ease.
Katherine Mattei
My hip is much better My right hip feels so much better. I am able to walk with more movement in my hips, and ribs. It feels great after so many years of restricted movement. I am looking forward to my next appointment.
Helped again Carole has helped me in the past with other issues. This time I walked in limping and walked out so much better. She really knows how to zero in on the problem and helps to start you on the road to recovery.
Great healer Carole is an amazing Rolfer. She has realigned me and got me moving again! I am so thankful for her talent. As an Osteopath myself, I have learned from her.
Fran T
I walk the line. After she adjusts me I can walk a straight line. I am so out of wack I really cannot walk straight. Carole really straightens me out and I feel sooooo good after a session with her. Thanks Carole

Better Balance & Alignment

Liz Gibson
Awesome! Carole has helped me a great deal!!!! I highly recommend her!!!! I was pretty crooked and am feeling so much better. She is knowledgeable and very professional.
Isabelle Kennedy
She helps me a lot I love seeing Carole because she helps my body feels so much better. She has also taught me so much about my body and helped me understand how to work with my hyper mobile joints.
More comfortable My posture is more relaxed. I'm more aware of places I hold tightness. I have more energy. I'm done, at least for a while. Carole is strong, pleasant, friendly and real. The ten sessions were remarkably good in every way. Highly recommended.
Michael Foster
Love her work I go to Carole regularly and truly believe her work and the work of the rolphers before her have kept me healthy and structurally sound from my 20's into my 60's. She is great at diagnosing what aisles me and working on areas that provide me fabulous freedom of movement and freedom from pain.
Alysson Foster
Relief It had been too long since my last session so everything hurt and Carole really relieved most of the pain. I promise to return soon.
Michael F
Excellent Rolphing Practitioner My wife, my two daughters and I have been seeing Carole for the last year. She is amazing. My wife wants to adopt her and my kids rave about her work. She is knowledgable, compassionate and skilled. We highly recommend her to those seeking rolphing work. I have found Rolphing to be the most important therapy I have done for myself. I am more aware of my body and have become more balanced in both my body and my life. Kudos for Carole.
Relief! I'm struggling with a painful repetitive motion injury and the bodywork Carole has done has not only helped ease the pain but has also helped break the constant cycle of inflammation. Carole listens extremely well and is very focused on doing all she can to help me heal.
Bryan Porter
Great Job Being a Body Worker myself, I highly recommend Carole for rolfing. This kind of work for the body is: the real deal, informs, and creates results. I an sure my legs will perform better out on my next run.
Victor Thomas
This stuf works! I've only had one session with Carole so far, but my reaction so far has been, Wow! It felt as though her hands had direct access to my nervous system. No pain at all. Only a great sense of release at the end of the session.
Help for metatarsalgia Once again Carole LaRochelle's expert hands and understanding of anatomy have provided pain relief, this time for my right foot. She also recommended special inserts for my shoes to help take the pressure off the affected area.
Rolfing I tend to forget how wonderful the experience is when I see Carole. Sometimes I think I just put up with too much pain. Tough it out. Carole does create the space I need to forgive myself and allow myself to receive the gift of the bodies true spirit of life.
summer pine
help with plantar fasciitis The day after Carole worked on my plantar fasciitis my foot did not hurt after cooking dinner like it normally would have!
It's worth giving Carole a try! Carole helped me work through a sports injury and just recently a very tweaked back from a car accident. She is quite knowledgeable and intuitive. She listens well, is a dedicated practitioner and I highly recommend her. It's important to Carole to offer the highest quality of care and I am most satisfied with the treatment and results.
Carmi Weininger
First Experience with Rolfing and Carole LaRochelle I am surprised and delighted to note that I am absolutely pain free after one session with Carole! I have a much greater evenness in my pelvis and stance, and my stride is longer and freer (and more even!) than it has been in more than a year. I slept deeply (always a challenge for me) and for more than 9 hours (unheard of!) but I'm sure my body needed that processing time in full rest mode. I'm about to go for a long walk, and could not be more thrilled!
Michael F
Excellent Knowledge and Expertise Carole is a kind and knowledgeable practitioner. I am sending my family to her for various treatments and therapy and am recommending her to all my friends. We would adopt her if we could. Rolphing is the most useful and beneficial therapy I have ever experienced during my lifetime. I am happy to have Carole as our friend and rolpher.
Philip Zimbardo
Alysson F
First Experience Had my first ever Rolfing session with Carole. She spent time learning about me and my experiences. The work she did helped with my pain. My overall feeling of wellbeing was enhanced and I definitely plan to continue with this treatment.
Suzanne S
AHHH! Always good to get a tune up. Carole always finds the source of the pain and I am on my way to healing.
Adrienne Silver
Fixing me! Each time I have come to Carole with aches and pains, she has done a remarkable job of diagnosing and fixing the problem. Thank you!!
Janet R
Working on longtime body patterns I came to Carole with a cluster of longstanding postural and movement issues that were interfering with my progress as a martial artist and causing pain. Her ability to "read" my body and identify things I hadn't mentioned is the best I've experienced in decades of receiving bodywork. Her knowledge and touch is superb. Highly recommended.
Linda N
Carole La Rochelle Wow. I've had a glitchy leg/ankle for several years and Carole did her magic. I am without that nagging ache with just one session. Such relief. Thanks Carole! I'll be back.
Just what I needed...Perfect everytime. Thanks so much for your caring, gentle support, Carole. You are right there when I reach out, Thank you so very much. You are amazing!
Lynn Lott
A visit well spent Carole can work magic. She has great energy and it's a pleasure spending time with her. I felt so much better when I left than I did when I arrived. If time and money were no object, I'd make a weekly appointment with Carole.
Suzanneq Saville
Carole's Touch I went in to my appointment with two sore thumbs and a very tight shoulder. I came out with no more pain and better mobility. Once again, Carole's touch made my day!
Exceptional Rolfing experience dispelled the myths & horror stories I was told! My scoliosis was acting up & affecting my dance performance. So I tried Rolfing despite hearing rumors that it's extremely painful. Carol is knowledgeable in every aspect. I could tell she went very deep but I didn't feel any pain whatsoever! After the session, my body really felt transformed. My dance frame was relaxed and proper. Today I saw my stretch coach & he thought my body was in much better condition! Great smooth experience with results!
Excellent I've been sufferning from pain and stiffness in my pelvis and my legs for about ten years. It made it really uncomfortable for me to exercise. After my sessions with Carole, I've had a broader range of movement without all the pain and tighness.
Jeanne Klepper
Relief from Shoulder, Back and Hip Pain Carole is immensely skilled at rolfing.. Her skill coupled with her physical strength and caring focus make her a real healer. I initially went to her for help with an old shoulder injury. She has returned much mobility to my shoulder and my pain is almost insignificant now. Over several sessions we have worked on the rest of my aging body. All those cranky areas such as back and hips have been greatly realigned and eased through her efforts. I now feel more comfortable and at home in my
heidi west
very knowledgeable I had never experienced rolfing before. I felt that Carole really cared about my chronic pain. I had never met her before but by the time I left I felt like I could discuss and trust her with every aspect of my body and she would do everything in her power to heal me. You can't say that about everyone now can you?
Linda N
Thank you Carol helps me make major shifts towards a happier body every time I see her for a session. She always knows where to work...I feel so much better. She is worth a try! Thanks Carol!
Kate Davies
So Helpful I had poor posture for over 40 years. Carole has worked wonders for me. I can now sit comfortably during meditation and it feels natural and good to stand and sit up straight. Carole has taught me exercises to help me maintain my progress. She really listens to my concerns and I trust her. I always walk out of her office feeling light and bouncy!
Kevin C
Impressive! Carole has an incredible ability to find and hone in on the problem areas. Her technique is powerful yet very comfortable. I've only had one session, but I look forward to more. She is releasing years of soft tissue dysfunction and I feel lucky to have found her.
Fantastic! I don't know if it is typical, or if I was just lucky, but I got fantastic results from just one session! I had been in quite a bit of pain, but Carole helped release my stuck areas and within a few days I was much more comfortable. Thank you, Carole!
Beth I
Redwood Empire Rolfing I had my first rolfing session ever with Carole L. I found Carole very impressive with her knowledge, expertise and intuitive hands on knowledge. Carole not only helped my body feel better but also to educate me on what and how my body responds. Simply Amazing.
Alex Iglecia
Clear and focused Thank you Carole LaRochelle for your honest eye, candid communication and expert touch. There's so much to learn and it's great to have your support and care.
Chloe Ringer
The Best Carole's knowledge, skill, and ability to articulate the art and science of her craft are unique. She is also a lovely person. I am blessed to have found her.
Liz Gibson
Awesome! I really enjoyed my rolfing session! I already feel better and look forward to more. Carole LaRochelle is very professional and very skilled. I feel very lucky to be getting this treatment!
Karrie H
The Midus Touch Authentic Touch is known by the soul and after a session with Carol I felt that my body began to dance alive again. Carol listens to the body and responds to the calling for healing. Thank You for your dedication to the art and science of healing.
Sharon D
Skilled I am very impressed with the skilled analysis and treatment that I received from Carole LaRochelle. My pain has lessened and I am going for more treatment.
Brianna O
spacious settling- skeleton to skin, to spirit. Carole's warmth, breadth of knowledge, and well honed skill penetrated my body, came to focus on the two most askew parts, performed a sort of ironing of my fascia, and manually introduced a more balanced range of motion. Healing hands, trustworthy woman, words that explain to the mind the sudden improvement of my own embodied experience.
i'll be back! carole was good for me as i talked about my background, and reasons for being there. next time, i won't have so much to say, so there will be more time for hands on.
Suzanne S
My New Year's Resolution I don't usually make them, but I decided this year would be about prevention. So I booked an appointment with Carole and plan to visit her on a regular basis to keep my muscles loose. I felt awesome after my appointment Saturday and I can't wait to go back.
Argene Giorgi
One session and looking forward to more. I am so happy to have found Carole. Yesterday was my first Rolfing session, and I benefited from every minute of it. Looking forward to next week. I am confident that my goals will be reached.
Lorna R
Can't Wait to Come Back! So excited to continue my treatment here - loved the clean and professional offices and the warm and friendly demeanor of Carole - super awesome Woman! Thank you!
Nancy G
Love! I recently went to see Carole for help with some new pains & discomfort in my hip and mid-back from wearing newly adjusted orthotic insoles. "Carole will fix it," I thought to myself as I counted down the minutes until my appointment. My confidence in her abilities was reaffirmed. She took time to analyze and find the right areas that needed help - then worked her magic. The improvement has been phenomenal!!!
Terry C
Excellent Care! I recently had my first session with Carole. She was very thorough in assessing the potential source of numbness/tingling I've been experiencing as well as addressing my posture and flexibility issues. She showed a great deal of personal concern and caring for my condition. After the one session I have already seen some relief from my conditions. I would highly recommend Carole and the service she provides. I am very much looking forward to my next session.
Nikita D
Relief! Carole knows her stuff. When I had some discomfort in my lower back, she immediately assessed what was wrong and worked on both sides of my body to re-align everything. I am still a little sore but feel a lot better, and am moving more easily. I definitely would go back to see her.
Ken Bowerman
Successful 1st time treatment I came in with numbness and discomfort in my neck and right hand and arm. Although there is still some numbness in my hand, I am no longer experiencing the same uncomfortable feelings in my arm. I would have to say this treatment worked and I will be back for more.
Lisa Jordan
Highly recommended! I met Carole two years ago when I hit a brick wall in my dressage riding. Although it was clear in my mind what my body needed to do to guide my horse, I found it impossible to balance correctly and isolate the specific muscles to "make it happen". I went to see Carole and completed 12 sessions in the course of a few months. My dressage trainer said, "I don't know what you did, but it worked!" I have tune-ups every few months and continue to feel better than I did 10 years ago.
Allison G
Fantastic relief My body was tight in places I was not even aware of. It is amazing to me how the proper diagnosis and treatment can set a body free almost instantaneously! I plan on seeing Carole again and again and again to hopefully get this body back to a working machine.
Suzanne S
Rolfing wins again When I try to explain Rolfing to friends I tell them that several years ago I had Rolfing done and said I would never have another traditional massage again. Recently I saw Carole for my tennis elbow, one session of Rolfing and my elbow is 90% better. I also had a massage and while it was quite nice, it reinforced why Rolfing is so much better for me. Carole alwasys finds an area I wasn't aware of and the ultimate result is less pain and better function.
Lynn Lott
Carole LaRochelle is a Magician I walked in aching and stiff and walked out relaxed and feeling better than I have in two weeks. Carole found all the sore spots in minutes and worked her magic. Carole makes rolfing something I'd use over and over.
George (Santa Rosa)
Delightful Surprise I had been told that Rolfing was an effective modality for structural alignment / connective tissue issues, but also that the process could be intense (painful i found Carole's technique to be very effective and gentle. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled. i unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone considering Rolfing.
Joe Roza
She is an amazing bodywork practioner!!!! Carole Larochelle is an amazing bodywork practioner that did an excellent job of working on my body. She knew exactly where and how hard to push into the areas that needed realignment. After our first session I left knowing that I was in the hands of a true professional who really understands the body and connects with her clients’ health needs. I'll be back!!
Edward Johnson, DDS, FADI
Helpful Relief Carole’s knowledge of the physical mechanics of the human body is extraordinary. As a medical professional myself, I don’t think any of my anatomy instructors had a better understanding or concept of the interactions of bones, ligaments & tendons. While her treatments haven’t provided total relief of my various aches and back pains, I would say that her careful instruction and therapy has added years to my profession life and freed me to greater physical activities.
Really Impressive Carole Larochelle is an amazing bodywork practioner. She was referred to me by my otsteopath, who, while equally amazing, thought I might benefit by using both approaches. I left feeling well, Knowing that I was in the hands of a true professional who really understands the body. I'll be back!.
Wonderful! Carole always sorts out my latest aches and knots and makes me feel as if everything has been put back in its proper place. She also explains exactly what she's doing and helps me understand how to avoid future injury. Thank you, Carole!
Awsome! I've been being rolfed for 30 years and Carole is in my all time top 5. I always come away feeling like I got another part of my body back. She clearly knows bodies in general and has worked on mine from the beginning as if she's known it for a long time. Yay Carole!
Laurie Parish
Rolfing Always Helps My appointment leaves me feeling so much better and that feeling continues as I return to work. I highly recommend Redwood Empire Rolfing and Carole.
Manisha Hall
The Wonders of Rolfing I hadn't heard of Rolfing until a friend of mine in the city had experienced it first hand; she couldn't stop speaking of its benefits, long after she had gone through the series of 10 sessions. Recently, I got in a car accident, and I had remembered this conversation. I looked into it, signed up for a session, and I am now coming up upon my fourth session of Rolfing. I already know that I will be a Rolfee for life! I look forward to continuing to see and experience my progress.
Elaine Rowan
Rolfing is the Answer I visited Carole on 2/19, after missing the rolfing experience for almost three years (my regular rolfer practices in Orange Co. CA). I was "way overdue" for a rolfing treatment. She quickly identified areas that needed help. Even after driving 4 hours back to Eureka, I felt terrific! Check her out! I moved to the North Coast of California from Orange County (OC), CA. The trip to OC just became too exhausting (I usually drove down) and expensive.
David Young
Get Your Body Back Wow. Carole KNOWS about bodies! I came in with lots of complaints, and while I don't feel as loose as I did when I was 10, I'm a whole lot better. Not only did Carole quickly identify what my body needed, she is an expert practitioner. I've been to many Rolfers, and Carole is great--almost painless, if you can believe it, but with excellent results. If you are hurting, why wait?
nancy g
I'm way beyond happy that I went to Carole! I am so impressed with Carole and the improvement made after just my first session with her! The time she spends consulting with and analyzing you first is thorough and not rushed at all which immediately puts you at ease. Her knowledge of anatomy and the fact that she explains everything to you so you understand is also very confidence inspiring. But, what sets her apart is the treatment you receive and how much movement and flexibility you have when she is through with you. Amazing!
David Young
Great Bodyworker I've been to many body workers, and Carole certainly knows what she is doing. She evaluated my physical problems quickly and got right to work. Much improved after one session--yes, I'll go back and---it wasn't even painful!
Bob Aubrey
Wow! Rolfing is amazing! Went back for a 2nd session. I hurt myself shortly after my first session, and discovered what I was doing to aggrevate my bulging discs. Carole also showed me how to keep from hurting myself again. I am totally impressed with Rolfing in general, and Carole specifically. I walked in hurting, walked out pain-free. Worth every penny and then some.
Bob Aubrey
Improvement beyond wildest espectations I knew my crummy posture was contributing to recurring back problems, so I figured that maybe structural help might help me. A CT scan had just revealed a couple of bulging discs, so I pointed this out to Carole in case this would interfere with the Rolfing. Quite the contrary. That's what she focused on. The next day (today), my back feels better than it has in months, feels like its healing rather than just aching. I'm amazed .and impressed
leslie lossing
All my expectations met Carole is a highly profecient and personable bodyworker. She was able to accomodate me with short notice, she listened well and I felt so much better from having had her work on me. Thank you carole, I will be back!
Suzanne Saville
Redwood Empire Rolfing I feel so much better now after just one appointment. Thank you Carol. You are the best. You found the spot that was giving me the most grief. My muscles are so relaxed and my back pain is gone.
Lisa Jordan
Improved my Riding! I first went to Carole because I was stuck in my ability to improve my dressage riding. My instructor asked why I was unable to follow what appeared to be simple movement instructions. I realized my body could not do what my brain was telling it to. After years of trying to improve with yoga, chiropractic and massage, I realized the problem was not being addressed. Completing a full course of sessions with Carole has made all the difference. My riding improved immediately and I feel great!
Jennifer Coombs
Relief from Fibromyalgia Pain Carole La Rochelle's training in rolfing has been the key to getting me out of daily pain. I can highly reccomend her. I have tried many different pain relief techniques, but rolfing remains the best long term solution....